Aquaponic Supplies: What You Need To Build Your System

Ready to get started building your aquaponic system? No matter what kind of system you want to build, how big or how small, there are some standard aquaponic supplies you will need to build your system.

Aquaponics supplies: What you need to build your system
Aquaponics System
  1.  Container for your plants. The type and size will be dependent on how big of a system you are building and what kind of plants you are growing.  Make sure whatever container you choose it is deep enough to hold 6 to 12 inches of water.
  2. Tank for your fish. Anything that will hold fish will work. You can use a traditional fish tank, a barrel, a pond or pool, anything that will hold and support your fish. The size is determined by what you plan to do with the fish, are they a food source or used to fertilize your plant.s
  3. Pump.  Really important. This is what you will use to circulate the water from the fish tank into the plant bed and then back into the fish tank. You will also need an air pump to make sure there is a healthy level of oxygen in the water for the fish as well as the plants.
  4. Tubing. You will need tubing for the water pump and the air pump. Choose black tubing over clear as it will deter algae growing and blocking the tube.
  5. Timer. You will use the time to start and stop your water pump.
  6. Plants. The fun part!  What do you want to grow? If you are just starting out, pick something that is relatively easy to grow, such as herbs or spinach. Avoid root vegetables, aquaponics is not the best system for growing these kinds of plants.
  7. Fish. Again, the fun part!  Whether you are using fish to consume or for decoration, have fun picking the right one for your system.  Make sure the fish you want to use is allowed where you live.
  8. Bacteria. Yes, bacteria. This is essential for the success of your system. Bacteria will change the waste from the fish into the nutrients that your plants need. Bacteria are in between the fish and the plants. 
  9. Lights (optional). If you do not have enough sunlight for your plants you will need lights to provide the necessary energy for the plants to photosynthesize. 
  10. Growing Medium. As you know, plants in an aquaponic system do not grow in soil. but, the do need some sort of growing medium. You can use peat moss, pea gravel or perlite. You need enough to fill up  the grow bed. 

These are the basic aquaponic supplies for what you need to build your system.  You do need to look at your system as a whole and make the decision on what you will buy based on what kind of plant you are growing, what kind of fish you are raising, and how much room you have for your system. Start small, learn as you go and then you can add to your system. For more information take a look at this getting started checklist

You will find, as you start building and growing, you will need or want to your list of aquaponic supplies to grow. This is your system and you can build it to suit your needs. If you need more help with starting your aquaponics system check out Aquaponics 4 You. Make sure you start with the basics and go from there…and have fun building!